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the night!

Prepare yourself for an enchanting evening where the worlds of tattoos, cannabis, and burlesque collide at our Cannabis-Friendly Tattoo and Burlesque Showcase. This captivating event brings together the mesmerizing artistry of tattooing, the allure of burlesque dance, and the innovative offerings of cannabis brands. Immerse yourself in a night of sensuality, creativity, and self-expression like never before.

We welcome the talented performers of Debauchery Production, who will captivate your imagination and ignite your senses. Watch in awe as these gifted artists blend sensuality, charisma, cannabis, and impeccable choreography to create breathtaking and unforgettable acts.

Get baked and

Get Inked

Puffs & Pasties: Ink & Herb edition celebrates the art, culture, and community of both cannabis and tattoo worlds. With an emphasis on creativity, self-expression, and alternative lifestyles, the event aims to foster a safe and inclusive environment for attendees to explore the beauty of body art and the pleasures of cannabis.

  • Sensational Burlesque Performances by
    Debauchery Productions

  • Hosted by Comedian: Loca Lola Hernandez

  • Cannabis-Friendly State-Of-The-Art Venue

  • Music Sets by DJ Slobyrn

  • Tattoo Artist Showcase

  • Hip Hop Artist Showcase 

  • Vendors – Food| Beverages| Products | Services

  • Free Parking

  • Produced by Cannatainment, Debauchery Productions, RTA Music Group, and Desert Nights Entertainment


Presented by RTA Music Group and Desert Nights Entertainment

Calling all hip hop enthusiasts. Get ready for a high-energy Hip Hop showcase that brings an electrifying night of hip hop performances, where talented artists take the stage to showcase their skills and passion through music.

The showcase will feature a lineup of emerging and established hip hop artists who will light up the stage with their captivating performances. Each artist will have a dedicated set to showcase their best songs and entertain the audience with their unique styles and lyrical prowess. Stay tuned as we announce the artist line-up before showtime.


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Get your tickets to Puffs & Pasties: Ink & Herb below. General Entry tickets and special add-on V.I.T (Very Important Toker) booths available.

FAs & Veterans enjoy our exclusive discount just for you. Looking to bring a +1 or more? Take advantage of our BUNDLE & SAVE option that gives you two tickets at a discount. See you at the show! Note: Due to limited seating, there are no refunds on this event. Tickets may be used towards another future event in the event that you cannot make this one.


these items are prohibited

  • No Backpacks.
  • No Illegal Drugs. The legal ones are fine.
  • No Outside Food or Beverages, including bottles, cans, coolers, and flasks.
  • No Weapons including guns, knives, mace, or pepper spray. Any sharp items deemed to be dangerous are prohibited.
  • No Non-service animals.
  • No Cannabis sales.
  • No Laser Pointers.
  • No Spray Paint.
  • No Aerosol Cans.
  • Any item that is deemed by management to be dangerous, inappropriate, or disruptive to other attendee’s enjoyment of the event.